Cara plays Anne in this Feature about a husband that disappears on his 20th anniversary.

Teresa and "Sam", parents to teenaged pothead Nicky, are hosting their twentieth wedding anniversary party. In reality, this day is their twenty-first anniversary, one year later to the day of when they planned on having their true twentieth anniversary party largely on Sam's wants. However, that morning, one year ago, Sam went out for a run and never came home. Teresa acknowledges that there were problems in their marriage, some of those problems exacerbated by outside forces, but problems that could be considered typical of any marriage after twenty years. For whatever reason, Teresa felt the need to have this party today one year late, perhaps in her belief and/or want that Sam truly would be home this day after working out whatever issues he needed to work out this past year. The invitees, the same as those one year ago at the party that didn't happen that night, are largely either his or her friends, few that would claim to be friends of both. A handful of people do show up, some who were those outside forces, they who have their own opinions of how they have felt over the past year and what they would like to see happen for Teresa and by association Sam and Nicky. By the end of the evening, regardless of if Sam returns, Teresa may come to admit the real reason for this party one year later.


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