New TV series Street Legal Premieres April 2019

STREET LEGAL, a character-driven legal drama that follows the professional and private lives of a group of ambitious law partners at a startup firm in Toronto. Together, they vigorously fight for their clients while testing the limits of their relationships inside and outside of the courts.

Cara plays Lilly Rue, a bold, compassionate, and a formidable litigator, Lilly Rue could have been a rising star on Bay Street, but instead chose RDL Legal, a small boutique firm on Queen Street. Driven by the freedom to pursue the cases and causes she’s passionate about. She’s guided by her moral compass, but don’t mistake her — she’s not afraid to fight dirty for the right outcome. She has a live-in boyfriend, a man who is a recovering addict and oversees disaster relief for an NGO. They have an open relationship, and it works because she has clear boundaries and employs a policy of complete honesty. She holds strong to her rules and uses her policy of honesty among her partners as well, no matter how hurtful the truth might be.


To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.