As Dr. Sarah Perkins Cara leads you through the Dinner Time story mission

Dr. Sarah Perkins needs a live judge (an animal the cultists have enhanced with drugs to complete her experiments and understand how the cultists are creating the Judges as well as how they are able to control them afterwards.

When The Junior Deputy finds Dr. Sarah Perkins, she is trapped on the roof of her MCA Mobile Lab surrounded by hostile Judges. After the Deputy rescues her, she explained that she was heading a Wildlife Conservation Team in studying the wolves until they encountered the Judges, some type of wolf she's never seen before. The Project at Eden's Gate Cult tried to coerce her team to work for them but when they refused, they attacked her team with the Judges. Eli Palmer and his Whitetail Militia rescued Dr. Perkins however, and she has been trying to repay the Whitetails ever since. Dr. Perkins is working on a formula to track the Judges but she needs to study a living Judge to complete her formula. During the mission Dinner Time, Dr. Perkins tasked the Deputy to capture a living Judge in the Cult's wolf training site -- the Breakthrough Camp. After securing the Breakthrough Camp and capturing a living Judge, Sarah thanks the Deputy for their hard work and gifts them a test batch of her formula, which will aid the Deputy in hunting the Judges.


To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.